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Wisconsin Outpatient Rehab By Cities

Wisconsin Outpatient Alcohol And Drug Treatment

If you live in Wisconsin and are in need of a treatment to resolve an addiction to narcotic substance, you have come to the right place. It is important that you decide swiftly in order to handle the situation. Drug and alcohol addiction seldom ends by itself and often requires an intervention as well as a treatment in order to resolve the addiction which takes over the individual. One situation facing people resolving drug addiction is the various options available to help the person.

Like residential programs, outpatient drug treatment focuses on helping the individual abstain from using drugs and alcohol for the rest of their lives. These long-term goals are achieved in many ways within the outpatient treatment model.

Did you know this about outpatient drug and alcohol treatment?

These types of programs have existed for a very long time, and typically cater to those who are not full blown addicts, but may be weekend bingers; however, the 12-step does have a solid reputation of helping long term addicts get on the road to recovery.

Some outpatient treatment programs bring the addict in regularly during the week for education and counseling programs. Some outpatient treatment programs last for only a few hours a week, while others require the individual to come in for a full-day several times a week. The latter treatment programs are more intense and may be more appropriate for those individuals who require a greater level of care as they attempt to rehab from drug or alcohol use.

Wisconsin has a good amount of assistance groups, and the various choices can create confusion. However, this is where we come in. is here to help someone find the very best outpatient drug treatment for someone who does not have time to do a full time drug detox and rehab. Wisconsin has at least a dozen centers and groups dedicated to help people suffering from drug addiction. When you call us at we will go through the various options possible, and we will help you select the best treatment option for drug addiction.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Rehabilitation throughout Wisconsin

Within the state of Wisconsin are well over 60 different outpatient drug rehab programs offering some unique and effective modalities of treatment for substance abuse and addiction. Outpatient centers can offer preliminary detox, group and individual counseling, and can also refer patients to aftercare programs if needed. Patients will receive full and well rounded drug treatment for their addictions.

Can Patients be Court Ordered to Outpatient Drug Rehab?

As crime and addiction are an on-going cycle, many of the criminal-justice courts, and DUI courts within the state of Virginia do court order offenders to drug rehabilitation as part of their sentence. This is solely because drug rehab can be their best option to put an end to crime and addiction. Many former addicts can attribute their sobriety to being court ordered to rehab, as it was the one chance; they had to become drug-free.

Here is a list of the different outpatient drugs & Alcohol rehab programs in Wisconsin. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.