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Workplace Services for Drug & Alcohol Abuse in the United States

Workplace services can be described as those tools that someone would need to do his or her job, and when applied to substance abuse, it would be the necessary employment assistance programs, and support needed to help with a drug addiction. Substance abuse and mental-health problems affect employees all throughout the United States, and generally employers will have specific workplace services to help employees. The problems of life can flow into what is happening at work, and the problems of work can cause an employee to become stressed and perform poorly. This is why workplace services are important and do often cover a great deal to ensure employees have the resources they require. Impairment in the workplace can be a result of controlled substances and alcohol, but other impairments or distractions can make it difficult for employees to do their job. Such things as medications being used, mental or physical fatigue, workplace exhaustion, family problems, traumatic events, and unresolved conflicts can lead to workplace impairments. Many employees do struggle with harassment and bullying, which can also force someone to use drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with these issues.

Most employers will have a clear outline of what is a workplace service, and how employees can access these services. Supervisors can watch out for signs, such as personality changes, erratic behavior, the appearance of impairment, working in an unsafe matter, failing a drug or alcohol test, and consistent lateness or absenteeism. Many of these things can be indicators that there may be a problem, and the employee may require the access of workplace services to help them. Substance abuse can be prevented, and most drug-free workplace programs help educate employees and their supervisors about what to look for. Offering the proper treatment and support is important for providing a peace of mind for employees, that they are taken care of when they need help. Prevention is important, and there can be many things that can predict substance abuse in the workplace. This can include the perceived availability of alcohol and or illicit drugs, the extent to which an individual’s coworkers use or work while impaired by alcohol or drugs, and the level of approval by coworkers of workplace alcohol and drug use or working while impaired or intoxicated. Here is a list of the different workplace services:

Assessment and Referrals by States

DOT Compliance Testing by States

DOT Substance Abuse Professionals by States

Drug Free Workplace by States

Drug Free Workplace Training by States

Did you know this about workplace services?

These services include preventing addiction problems within a company and helping workers seek treatment if needed. If you're an employer and are concerned of your employees' safety, health or performance, this section is for you.

The prevalence of substance abuse in the workplace has shown that roughly over 63% of workers had reported easy access to alcohol at the workplace, and over 59% reported easy access to illicit drugs at the workplace. Substance abuse in the workplace can lead to significant problems when it is not addressed or caught ahead of time. Workplace services provide the necessary help for employees to be able to reach out. There is often a misconception that there is no help available, and many employees may not know where to look within their place of employment. Employee assistance programs help employees access workplace services to address problems of substance abuse and addiction.

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