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Wyoming Partial Hospitalization Programs for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Partial hospitalization programs in the state of Wyoming are outpatient centers who are slightly different from a standard outpatient drug rehab program. These types of programs offer more comprehensive and in-depth treatment options for patients who require more continuous medical care. Further to this, it is very common for partial hospitalization programs in Wyoming to treat patients with a dual diagnosis, which is the presence of a substance abuse disorder and a co-occurring mental health problem. Partial hospitalization programs are equipped to provide detox, medical support, medication management, individual counseling, group therapy, aftercare support, and even holistic treatment. This particular type of drug treatment is a short-term program, and not meant for long-term care, but can be used as a step-down program from when someone has completed an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Partial hospitalization programs are not for everyone, and it is important that it is determined prior to admission that this kind of drug treatment will be an effective approach for a loved one's particular addiction.