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Xpert Medical Detoxification Q & A

Xpert Medical Detoxification Q & A

Are drugs such as Suboxone or Buprenorphine administered during a medical detox?

They can be administered to decrease the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.  How ever that lengthens the time of withdraw.  Short acting opiates such as Heroine, Oxycodone and Hydrocodone and Fentanyl have severe symptoms which can be effectively handled with supportive care with in 4-5 days.  Subasone and Burpronorphine withdrawal can last upto 8-10 days and Methadone is even worse lasting over 2-3 weeks depending upon the dose.

Can a medical detox help me withdrawal from methadone?

 Yes, Methadone is the most difficult drug to come off of since it has such a long half life.  The withdraw symptoms are severe and need lots of supportive care.  But be prepared to work long and be patient because its going to be 2-3 weeks before the person is fully withdrawn.

Can medical detox help with prescription drug dependency, when I am not an addict?

Yes.  Prescription drugs share very similar effects to the drugs of abuse and at times are worse to come off of.  You most certainly need medical supervision and coordination with the specialists who are prescribing these medications to help the person get off of prescription drugs.

What medications are used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms during medical detox?

 The treatment for withdraw symptoms is exactly what the symptoms warrant.  Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea are handled with various GI medications, Nervousness and jitters are handled with supplements and in severe cases Benzodiazepines and IV hydration and Vitamins are always helpful.

Will medical detox cure my physical dependency for drugs?

Physical dependency is handled for the most part once all the withdraw symptoms have resolved.  How ever at I believe one needs to do a standard Sauna program to fully handle physical detox.

Can a medical detox be done at home, with the proper medical supervision?

More than medical supervision one needs 24-7 supportive care and conducive environment.  Of course one needs to be evaluated by the medical doctor daily and as needed.

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