Treating drug addiction involves different steps and processes. Long-term drug rehab in Nevada is one substance use treatment option to consider. However, no one form of drug rehabilitation is suitable for every person. Our qualified professionals with will help you find a drug rehabilitation program in Nevada that will meet your treatment needs. Whether you live in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, or any other city in the state, there are effective substance use treatment programs.

What are the different drug and alcohol rehab clinics available in the state of Nevada? Is it better to attend an addiction treatment clinic in a different state or find a rehab within the state of Nevada? Is it better to do a rehab now to help with my legal situation or wait until going to court? We can suggest the best options for these questions. has a database of more than 4,000 various rehabilitation clinics for alcohol and drug dependency. It can be outpatients, withdrawal management facilities, residential treatments, and no-cost treatments in the U.S. We can suggest addiction program centers that fit your needs and budget. A confidential assessment will be conducted on your first contact with a trained counselor to suggest the best treatment options. We have helped thousands of people across the U.S. addicted to drugs and alcohol and getting admitted to drug rehab. has a unique approach. The first counselor contacted will be assigned to you until you or the loved one are attending a program. At any time, you will be able to reach this counselor. When you contact, you become the most important person.

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Long-Term Drug Treatment Programs in Nevada

Any form of long-term drug rehab will be beneficial for the addict who attends the program. Long-term drug treatment centers in Nevada do include those through the private sector and some that may be state-operated. The long-term programs in the state do help treat all types of addiction and drug problems. This does involve drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, amphetamine and stimulants, and prescription drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that since 2011, the overdose deaths involving heroin have more than doubled. However, the overdose deaths caused by prescription opioids have been the primary issue causing 235 deaths in 2018. It is common for long-term drug rehab programs to treat opiate addiction, and heroin addicts or any type of opioid addict can benefit from a lengthier treatment process. The first step is of course detox, and opioid withdrawal can be difficult to go through unless you have the proper detox. Medical detox or detox that does utilize medication is often what most opioid addicts will opt for. The medication does help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms, to make the detox less painful.

Detox is only the first step, and after detox, you should be attending a long-term drug rehab center in Nevada. Long-term rehabilitation programs can provide constant support, which is 24/7. You will also be surrounded by staff and professionals constantly, and typically a client can access assistance at any time of the day. Constant support and help are invariably necessary during treatment because it does decrease the likelihood of wanting to leave rehab and use drugs. During long-term treatment, you will have the opportunity to develop healthy relationships with other sober like-minded people. You can often build strong bonds, and develop a support network with some of the people you are in treatment with. After drug treatment, having support is necessary, and when you can fall back on this support structure during a difficult time it will help you maintain your sobriety. Living and working together in a sober environment does help each client understand the importance of what sobriety can do for them. You are returning yourself back to the person you once were before drugs, and alcohol took over. Long-term drug treatment can accomplish this for you, and it will take some time to make this happen.

When it comes to choosing a program, parents are going to have to be tough. They need to make their teen attend the rehabilitation program and the parent needs to accept that they may not be able to see their loved one during the process of recovery to ensure the individual has the chance to focus on their drug treatment. 

Parents should not turn to the phone book and pick the first drug rehab program that they see. When it comes to teenagers, parents want to make sure that they choose a facility that is going to have counselors who are very adept at dealing with not just addictions, but also the teenage mindset. Teens do not tend to think like adults and cannot be counseled like them. A really good residential drug rehab program will not only help your child regain their sobriety, but it will also provide them with the skills and knowledge they need so that they never fall victim to drugs again.

Alcohol Long-Term Rehabilitation in Nevada

Nevada isn't just known for gambling. Drinking is also a popular pastime in the state. Because of this, Nevada constantly has higher rates of alcohol abuse than the rest of the United States. In 2018, the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility reports that the state of Nevada has 87 alcohol-related driving fatalities. A big part of the reason for this is the social acceptance of binge drinking and alcohol consumption. Alcohol is virtually everywhere and is heavily advertised. People are offered drinks constantly, so it can be very difficult to either stay or get sober. Imagine completing treatment for alcohol dependence and then being offered a drink at your very first restaurant. This is why so many people fail to maintain their recovery and relapse. But the good news is, treatment comes in many modalities including long-term alcohol treatment. Long-term means it lasts closer to 90 days than the standard 28 days which is most popular. This gives the person plenty of time to get comfortable in their sobriety and learn the skills necessary to maintain lifelong recovery. Anyone who wants to put alcohol dependence in their past should explore long-term alcohol treatment as an option.

List of Different Substance Abuse Treatment Services in Nevada

Here is a list of the different drug treatment programs in Nevada. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our treatment specialists at 1-800-304-2219.

Drug Detox Options in Nevada

Detox centers in the state of Nevada include traditional forms of detox for addicts struggling with addiction to common drugs. Other detox services include home detox kits, which can be provided by local residential drug treatment centers. Home detox is not always the best solution for every addict, as the detox is not done in a controlled setting monitored by qualified professionals. Home detox can work in some cases, but it should be looked at as a last resort if an addict is unable to be admitted into a detox center right away. Medical detox centers in Nevada are able to help addicts medically withdraw from severe physical dependencies, which do not allow them to stop using abruptly. This is done in some different ways, but typically the patient will be administered other medications to help alleviate symptoms while they are completely withdrawn from all drugs.

Residential and Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation in Nevada

Outpatient drug treatment facilities are located throughout the state of Nevada offering daily counseling and therapy programs for men, women, and adolescents. Patients attend outpatient care on a daily basis, but will still be living at home while doing so. It is important that a patient work with the staff at the facility, as there is a great deal of responsibility put on the patient to remain sober. Most outpatient drug treatment programs will administer random drug testing to help ensure their patients are remaining clean and sober. Residential drug rehab programs provide different environments for patients in Nevada; they are controlled drug-free environments where patients can work through their treatment distraction-free.

Specialized Drug Treatment Services in Nevada

Specialized services in the state of Nevada include drug treatment options to help handle more specific forms of addiction. These types of services include faith-based programs, options for law enforcement and first responders, executive drug rehab programs for business professionals, and holistic rehabilitation services. Many drug rehab programs in the state do offer treatment for persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, along with specifically designed facilities for persons with HIV and AIDS and pregnant women struggling with addiction. More traditional forms of help are available in the form of twelve-step meetings, which do include Cocaine Anonymous meetings and Naranon meetings for addicts and recovering addicts.

Drug Rehabilitation Services for Adults in Nevada

Drug rehab centers for adults in the state of Nevada include inpatient and outpatient services, and there will also be different types of detox programs. Detox is the first step to help an addict through withdrawal. Drug and alcohol addiction among adults and young adults impacts many in the province. When searching out different types of treatment centers, it will be important for families to speak to more than one type of program. For many men and women over the age of 18 who are struggling with addiction, it can be hard to reach out for help. Families of addicts must at times perform interventions to help their loved ones get into a drug rehab center. Gender-specific programs in the state will include facilities that will only treat women and some that will just treat men. This may be a viable solution for some addicts seeking out help in the state. Substance abuse can involve more than one type of drug, such as a combination of alcohol and prescription drugs.

Gender-Specific Drug Rehabilitation Services in Nevada

Men and women will often handle their drug problems differently from one another, and the same can be said about the treatment process. Therefore, gender-specific rehabilitation services in Nevada are available for men and women. These types of programs can often be found at shelters, support groups, inpatient programs, and outpatient services throughout the state. When searching for a gender-specific drug rehab center, it will be important to find one that will meet the needs of the addict, and the problems surrounding their addiction. There are many reasons why men and women would begin to abuse drugs and alcohol. Both men and women can suffer from physical and emotional pain that is best handled with a drug treatment program. Gender-specific drug rehab can help address the individual needs that any patient has during their recovery. Both state-funded and private programs in the state may offer gender-specific treatment resources.

Nevada Drug Facts and Statistics

The deaths caused by pharmaceutical drugs in Nevada have increased and almost doubled from 2006 to 2007. MDMA and other club drugs are easy to find in urban cities such as Las Vegas, mainly due to the number of nightclubs and adult entertainment clubs. Marijuana is now legal for recreational use making it widely available throughout the state, mainly throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding cities. According to a Nevada Treatment Episode Data Set, in 2019 the majority of drug treatment admissions in the state were to treat amphetamine abuse. Behind that many patients reported abuse of drugs such as alcohol, marijuana and heroin.

Methamphetamine is often seen in Nevada and can be bought in small or big quantities, depending on the purpose of the buy (either personal consumption or redistribution). Nevada serves as a distribution and transshipment point for other locations.

Methamphetamine is especially dangerous when used over a long period of time. Long-time addicts often suffer from malnutrition, brain damage, poor metabolism due to lack of sleep. They also get hallucinations, paranoia, and other psychotic manifestations.

Cocaine is mostly seen in the southern parts of the state of Nevada where Las Vegas is located. Most of the cocaine is transported in due to its proximity to California, a major distributor. Crack is particularly present in Nevada's urban areas. The conversion of crack is often done locally.

If you use a large quantity of cocaine, most of the pleasing effects are gone and you might feel headaches, dizziness, chest pains, and even sometimes it goes as far as convulsions. Psychologically, high-dose users have been to become violent and aggressive and this can lead to the individual becoming psychotic or paranoid.

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