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Created On Tuesday, 21, December 2010
Modified On Wednesday, 17, March 2021

Substance Abuse Treatment & Long-Term Drug Rehab in Alaska

The general assumption when it comes to drug addiction and Alaska is that there are fewer addicts. After all, Alaska is a remote section of the world. People who live in remote areas can go days without seeing another human being. Most people assume that finding drugs in Alaska would be extremely difficult. In fact, many of the people who move to Alaska are recovering addicts who are hoping that the state will provide them with the fresh start they are looking for. The reality is that the number of drug addicts in Alaska is frighteningly high. The use of illegal drugs is higher in Alaska than in any other state. The general theory is that the reason drug use in Alaska is so high is due to the sheer stress of living in the state, and also because the state attracts a personality type that is both stubborn and prone to addiction, such as recovering addicts. With so many different communities throughout the state, it can be difficult to find the right kind of help for an addiction or substance abuse problem. Many communities do not always have direct access to treatment options but will have to travel to locations where help can be found. Many different forms of drug problems do exist in Alaska boroughs and cities, and people both young and old are at risk of becoming addicted to these drugs.

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Are you wondering what would be the best drug rehab and alcohol treatment in Alaska? Is going to treatment out of Alaska a better option? What is the difference between a short-term residential treatment and a long term drug rehab center? has access to a database of over 4000 outpatient, detox, residential, and even no-cost drugs and alcohol centers in North America and one of them would fit your needs. By contacting one of our counselors, who are trained to conduct general assessments over the phone, they can provide you with a plan of recovery that will have the maximum chance of success. We have helped thousands of people across North America recover from the grips of addiction. Here is the good news, there is a treatment program that is right for you. We have a team of certified caring counselors who will help you take your own decision for the best alcohol or drug rehab. A decision that you feel has the best chance of success. The first counselor you will be in contact with will be assigned to you throughout your journey to sobriety. When you call, we consider every case an urgent situation.

Long-Term Drug Rehab Services in Alaska

Substance abuse in Alaska has always been a long-standing problem, and the long-term drug rehab centers who are available in the state, do help countless people who are struggling with addiction. Most people who do seek out treatment in Alaska are men, with it being over 60%. Ever since 2010, the state of Alaska has been among the 10 states with the highest rate of drug dependency. This statistic looked at the state population between the ages of 12 and 17, which was also the largest age group being admitted to drug and alcohol treatment. Long-term drug rehab centers in Alaska will be any program that does last more than 30 days. There are numerous benefits with long-term drug treatment, and these types of programs are typically residential programs. When you attend a long-term drug treatment program, you can focus on identifying the destructive habits and patterns connected to your addiction. Because you will be staying at the facility for quite some time, you will have ample opportunity to address the underlying problems connected to the addiction. Through the counseling process at a long-term drug rehab center, you can identify and eliminate these patterns. When this happens, it can truly wake a person up to the possibility of living a sober lifestyle.

There are many commonly abused drugs within the state of Alaska, and this does include marijuana, prescription drugs, amphetamines, and cocaine. The largest group of people being admitted for treatment for marijuana use are those between the ages of 12 and 17. Prescription-drug abuse is primarily done by females, along with amphetamines and cocaine. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported in 2017, that there were over 102 deaths because of opioids in Alaska. This will include prescription opioids and synthetic illegal opioids. When you consider the population of Alaska, there are 13.9 deaths per 100,000 persons. Heroin use in the state has been on the decline, but many deaths can be attributed to synthetic opioids. An addiction that does involve street drugs or prescription drugs does require detox and long-term drug treatment. A long-term drug rehab center can offer the time needed to treat these addictions. However, many addicts in Alaska may not have the opportunity to access help, or will simply not ask for help. It is important for family and friends to intervene and help their loved ones find the right type of drug treatment they need for their addiction.

While taking a tough stance against the use of illegal drugs is a good idea, there are several things that the state really needs to focus on if they are serious about dealing with the drug problem. The first thing the state needs to do is to make sure th