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Illinois Long-term Drug Rehab Centers

When looking for a treatment for yourself or a loved, the duration of the treatment is crucial. A short-term treatment for someone in need of longer duration will not give the result expected as well as too long for a mild addiction will have the person passing the point of results and can be as bad as the first example.

The frequency of use, how long the addict has been using or the drug used are just a few factors that determine the length of treatment.

Long Term Drug Rehab Services in Illinois

A long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation program will last on average 30 days, but can go upwards of one year, but this will depend on the type of long-term facility. The long-term programs in the state of Illinois treat all types of addiction, and there are many commonly abused drugs within the state. This does include cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and prescription drugs. Heroin abuse does continue to be a problem throughout the state of Illinois, with the majority of heroin users being male. Heroin addiction can be effectively treated through a long-term drug rehab center. The first step for a heroin addict is to go through a detox. Typically, such as fentanyl is the best way to handle the heroin withdrawals, because it is usually the withdrawal pain that prevents many heroin addicts from seeking help. Once detox is complete, you should be planning to attend one of the long-term drug rehab centers within the state. This will include many long-term programs through the private sector, and some being operated by state-funded agencies. The most commonly abused prescription drugs within Illinois are hydrocodone products. Opioids are dangerous drugs, and the longer someone abuses these drugs, the more dependent they will become. The physical and psychological dependency can be difficult to treat without the proper help.

Long-term drug treatment centers in Illinois regularly treat addicts who are addicted to opioids. This type of addiction can be overcome, but it does take work, and the proper detox and long-term treatment to ensure an addict can fully overcome his or her addiction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported in 2017, that there were 2,202 drug overdose deaths because of opioids. This is a rate of 17.2 deaths per 100,000 persons, and many of these deaths are attributed to synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. Many of the opioid addictions in the state of Illinois start with illegal opioids, such as heroin or prescription opioids purchased illegally. Struggling with this type of addiction is difficult, but through the support of a long-term drug rehab center, you can overcome it. Anyone struggling with addiction can see benefits from long-term drug rehab centers, because the patient will be focused on their treatment. Long-term drug rehab centers can work with your family as well, and give the time needed to address the complex issues connected to your addiction.

90-Day Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Illinois

Typically, all 90-day drug and or alcohol treatment programs will be residential facilities, meaning the addict will live and stay at the center during their entire treatment process. Currently in the state if Illinois there are just over 45 different locations where a 90-day drug and or alcohol rehabilitation center is located. These centers are excellent choices for long term addicts and heavy users because they can take the time needed to go through the programs without any distractions to keep them away from treatment.

Costs Involved with Inpatient Long-Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Each type of inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center will be a different cost; some will be privately funded and will be self-payment. If addicts and their families are unable to get any type of insurance, there are low-cost and free drug treatment centers throughout the state of Illinois capable of treating all addicts. While in most cases, a drug treatment center will accept some form insurance, it’s important to ask what the costs will be.

How Does Inpatient Treatment Help?

Inpatient programs, which offer 60 to 120-day programs help with maintaining a drug and alcohol-free environment. One of which will be further away from an addicts current environment, and will provide a distraction-free place where a patient can comfortably work through their treatment program.

What Drugs are Regularly Abused?

One of the most commonly abused drugs is of course marijuana, and most patients who admit themselves into an inpatient treatment center will have an addiction to marijuana. This drug is typically the first drug a user will experiment with, prior to experimenting with other drugs. Long-term programs are capable of treating all forms of addiction, and can help address a person’s reasons why they started abusing drugs.

60 to 120-Day Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment within the State of Illinois

Drug and alcohol programs that offer 60 to 120-day programs for addicts, are situated at just over 40 different locations within the state. These facilities are fully equipped to handle all types of addiction, some more than others, but numerous different resources are available to men, women, and adolescents.

Here is a list of the different long-term inpatient programs in Illinois. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Long Term Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Illinois


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